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Tips To ensure the Best Vacation Experience


Do you want to read about many different travel suggestions? Keep reading to master tips on how to plan the trips prudently, maximizing the enjoyment. You ought to plan ahead and discover time to own fun; use these kinds of suggestions in your favor.

In order to start out your vacation around the right ft ., make sure that you acquire some of in which country’s currency prior to deciding to get it right now there. Exchange costs at airports go along with some large fees, or maybe it’s difficult to get a swap office that is open in the event you arrive in a country during the night. Almost all large financial institutions will sell forex, so obtain it before going and you should have a smaller amount thing to concern yourself with when you reach your vacation spot.

TIP! You’ll be able to view incredible pets and crops. Visiting a particular desert initially can be an especially exciting journey; it’s something you ought to do one or more times during your health, just to have the shock and wonder with the desert.

Take the time to verify the political and sociable mood in the country prior to deciding to plan the trip. You will find more information on situations in numerous countries at the established Consular Extramarital relationships website. This resource will help keep you away from situations that could threaten your well-being.

Join the e-mail alerts in some vacation sites offer you. This allows you to know the method that you should travel in order to save the most money. You’ll get an email in the event the plane seat tickets you arranged or are considering purchasing, carry on sale.

In order to take your furry friend along on the travels, you will need to look directly into hotels that can be pet-friendly. Pay awareness of if they charge added fees regarding allowing pets. Do some research and also compare diverse hotels or perhaps lodgings prior to deciding to decide what type is the proper fit to suit your needs.

TIP! Get from the seat when every hour roughly to move and stretch when you have to travel for a time. Sitting at prolonged intervals can cause health conditions.

There needs to be a label as part of your luggage along with your contact details. Place it in the spot in which anyone should be able to see it if they open that. Be sure to add your identity, home deal with, and contact number. Doing this may really be described as a lifesaver if the luggage will be separated coming from you, when someone different finds that, they can easily contact an individual. If the luggage at any time escapes the sight and also gets misplaced, this can easily identify your premises and provide information on where to go back your suitcases.

If you determine to have any camping vacation, remember to bring maps you could carry along. You must also consider having a long GPS product or compass just in case you lose your path.

When packing to get a trip look at the versatility of the clothing that you will be packing. You need to use shoes with multiple outfits, and blazers may be worn over and over again. Getting a lot more use away from items within your wardrobe will lessen the variety of them you need to pack.

IDEA! It is very important so that you can be scrupulous of food allergies once you travel to be able to foreign gets. If you might have food allergy symptoms, you should become acquainted with the Spanish names of one’s allergies.

Make sure you allow regarding changes inside weather, as it could completely modify your plans with no warning. Be sure to test the weather to your planned vacation spot as the trip time approaches. Nothing can easily ruin the most effective travel ideas quicker than finding yourself on any freezing seashore in Florida or even a sweltering snowboarding slope in Colorado.

These suggestions need to have helped you will find the information you should plan your following trip in a fashion that will enable you to have one of the most fun you should! The previously mentioned tips are not difficult first-time travelers can simply apply these, while nonetheless allowing seasoned travelers to boost their power to plan excursions, as properly.

Car rental Uganda Safety Tips


Car rental agencies emphasize the safety of its client and this has enabled them to keep in business for this long. Car rental Uganda extends travel services to anyone in need of reaching different destinations such as national parks, upcountry, city tour rounds, hangouts and other personal travel.

A safe car must be in good mechanical condition and should appeal to the car hirer’s taste. Away from car safety, the environment of travelling must also be secure and conducive. Additionally, the clients should take matters of their safety into their hands by being vigilant and exercising precautionary measures.

Below are some of the car rental safety tips:

Follow the road rules and signs

It doesn’t cost anything if you follow the road rules and regulations to avoid any disturbances from the traffic police. These guys keep alongside every corner of the road to ensure that road rules and signs are followed. Failure to do so, penalties will be imposed on you and the car will be impounded. The traffic personnel should not be looked at as real enemies but as humans who can even engage in chit-chat. So if you need help concerning directions, they are ready to help and in case of some issues please cooperate to avoid worsening the situation.

 Don’t drink and drive

One’s mind gets high after taking some bottles of alcohol and this creates some exciting moments but rather paves way for sorrow in the end. Enjoyment is part of life but life also matters so it’s better to drink little and live longer. The worst thing is to drink and drive and the outcomes might be ending other people’s lives and crashing the vehicle. Driving under the influence of alcohol is not a misdemeanour in Uganda and it’s proscribed since it causes harm to yourself and other road users. Put in mind that the car will be impounded and you will be taken into custody if caught driving under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol is a drug and please stay far away from it if you are to drive.

Insurance coverage

All our cars are under insurance coverage for example comprehensive insurance. This type of insurance is to cover any kind of damage that happens to the car. But in case the damages are caused by reckless driving, the insurance company doesn’t compensate for the costs. If a minor accident happens to the car, a client has to compensate a certain amount according to the signed company terms and conditions. If a car incurs a minor accident on the way you can call the rental operator and inform them rather than acting fast on your own to clear the mess.

Check out the car’s mechanical condition

The client’s safety is the company’s best priority and we look forward to accomplishing it without failure. The car is checked thoroughly to ensure it’s under proper mechanical condition. It is taken for road testing, refilled air conditioner, car tyres checked, check the fluid and oil levels to ensure that it’s ready to hit the road. The car mechanism customizes its travel and this increases the traveller’s success rate throughout his or her journey. While on the journey the unexpected can occur but this should not frighten you, keep calm to find a solution for the car breakdown then continue with the trip.

Guide to Self Drive in Tanzania


Choosing the right Tanzania self-drive rental for your road trip can save you a lot. Hiring a rental car for a self-drive Tanzania is the wisest choice to make. Not only does come with the most flexible road trip, making stopovers at your own wish and choosing which tourist sites to visit but also assures you of total privacy while on road trip. Today, self-drive trips have become more famous than ever before and undoubtedly.

However, driving yourself in unfamiliar routes on self-drive tour is something that is so intimidating if you are a first-time traveler on Tanzania safari. But with introduction of the Global Positioning System (GPS), there is no need to worry about venturing into unfamiliar routes. It is a matter of you setting your current location and destination point, and then you keep following the routing as your GPS directs you.

Below are the guides for self-drive

Rent a four wheel drive

Tanzania might have great asphalted main roads, but the real adventure starts when you take a turn towards the smaller roads and safaris. So, if you plan on having the same vehicle for your entire self-drive Tanzania experience, you must rent a 4×4.

The roads can get extremely bumpy in Tanzania and you don’t want to waste time being stuck in a ditch in the middle of a national park. It will not only cost you a lot of money (they charge a hefty fee to get someone to pull you out in a national park), you’ll also be wasting a lot of time since they might need some time to get to you.

Opt for a car with roof tent

The best way to travel to Tanzania on a budget is by renting a car with a roof tent. The tent on our car was very comfy and there are numerous campgrounds all over the country ranging from basic bush campsites inside the parks to private campgrounds operated by lodge owners, enabling you to stay at a secured site with good amenities whilst sleeping for a dime.

Wild camping is uncommon. If you decide to camp in a national park, there will be park staff setting up a campfire for you to prevent animals from approaching the tent or vehicle (included in the camping price).

Carry a valid driving license

A valid driving license and identification must be carried and presented to the company or delivery person. Failure to present such important documents means low chances of you getting a car for yourself.

Conduct thorough check on the car rental

Before you start your road trip in Tanzania self-drive car, cross-checking your rental car is very important. All the dents, the current state of air conditioner, damages of the car should be taken note of and you can inquire even about its past mechanical issues.

Pack snacks and water

I know you’re perfectly capable of planning your meals, but we definitely weren’t. Once you stray off the main roads and into the parks, you won’t find a single shop that sells water or food. Many hours can pass in between meals if you don’t plan accordingly, so make sure you plan hearty snacks. We took cereal bars with us (2/day per person) and bought at least 3L of water in the mornings to have throughout the day.

Bring good camera equipment

One of the best things about doing a self-drive in Tanzania is the opportunity to blend in, and not be part of a bigger group of tourists, both in the cities as well as safaris. Your trip to Tanzania will definitely benefit from a good zoom lens.

If you are traveling to Tanzania to take amazing photos of animals, then I would say something up to 600mm would be your best bet but those tend to cost a pretty penny, so also have a look if your local photo shop or website loans lenses.

Know the road rules

Besides the information, the company you rent from will provide you with; make sure you read up on road rules before you sit in the car! The driving speed limit on the Tanzania non-urban roads 80 km/hour and on urban roads, you’ll have to maintain a speed of 50 km/hour.

On gravel roads, you will be driving at an average of 30km/hour. If you are trying to estimate your travel itinerary with Google Maps, increase the suggested travel time by 30%. Don’t map out your entire day route, because Google Maps will look for the shortest route and those are likely to be in a very bad state. Instead, break it up into only looking at getting from point A to point B.

Tip: make sure the company you rent from has comprehensive car insurance, that way there is less possibility for expensive, unexpected costs.

Road tripping in Tanzania is safe

Since most Tanzanians speak good English, they will also go out of their way to try and help you in case of an accident. Main roads outside the city are wide, asphalted and safe.

Get ready for an ‘African massage’

I’ve mentioned how safe the main roads are above. And while main motorways are safe and comfortable to drive on, you will definitely experience something totally different once you drive off of them. Get ready to experience the ‘African ‘massage’ the moment you get off that asphalt.

We have never experienced a road as bumpy as the one going through Serengeti NP. But the experience was so much fun, we saw hippos, elephants, baboons and so many more animals by this road. This is what makes a drive through the non-asphalted roads so much better the animals are not scared to approach them because you can’t drive fast there.

The size of the rental car

The number of people you plan to get on the road with and luggage size should be put into consideration. This should guide you when deciding which self-drive car rental to book. A Toyota land cruiser is ideal for a group of 4-5pax on self-drive Tanzania or you can hire a Mini Van or slightly larger rental depending on the number of people and cargo.


Renting a self-drive car in Tanzania has become a common practice with many rental companies widely available in most main towns. This presents you opportunity to make a choice suitable for your self-drive tour. Contact Car Rental Tanzania for better services that will make your trip memorable.

Going on Self Drive in East Africa


Many travelers to East Africa have embraced the idea of hiring a car in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania. This is more so to travelers who want to explore the country for themselves whether travelling as group or as an individual.

Many car rental companies exist in the country offering best services with different car fleet ranging from  safari cars including Toyota Land cruiser TZ/TX, V8, Toyota Rav4, GX, land cruiser extended, safari van and supper customs just to mention but  a few, however, the best car hiring company one must trust is Self-drive East Africa.

Self-drive is good to travelers who have ever visited the country and well versed with this East African roads, and have a good idea to many tourist spots/attractions and places. Although self-drive is very good to some, but it has many challenges especially to first time travelers to east Africa.

So the best option for any travelers who wish to travel to East Africa and prefer hiring a car is to get a driver especially to those who don’t know Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi routes and therefore require a driver guide to help them visit the various destinations in East Africa.

Here at Self-drive East Africa we provide both the car and a professional driver to drive you to all places of your choice and interest.

Advantages of hiring a car with a driver

You are in safe hands if you use a local driver/guide, they are well knowledgeable about the country, and they know each and every corner of the country. They are fluent in English speaking and writing so you feel comfortable with a driver when you hire him on your tour to East Africa.

Besides deciding where to go for your vacation, there are also several things you need to prepare when planning for your trip. You need to book your flight and accommodations before the date of your vacation and also figure out how you’ll go to various tourist sites.

Hiring a chauffeur for your trip may not be your first option since you think it won’t matter if you ride a private car or use public transportation. However, having a driver for the duration of your trip has a lot of advantages. Here are some tips;


Knowledgeable about all tourist spots in the entire East Africa, this is of advantage in that you will be driven to the exact spot you need to reach too without getting lost.  Many tourists fail to reach to their area of interest since they are not well conversant with some of the places especially tourist on self-drive, however this can be avoided if you get a driver and lead you.

The advantage of hiring a chauffeur is you’ll be around someone who knows the ins and outs of the city. You can ask for local shops or restaurants you can visit that aren’t too crowded and have better products and services. Your driver can also bring you to better tourist destinations.


Safe driving, you are driven by expert people, you can just sit at the back and leave everything with the driver. And you dodge the hustles and difficulties of driving on strange road. You’re also likely to get lost navigating through unfamiliar roads and waste your time finding your way instead of enjoying the sceneries you intended to visit. If you want to avoid all those inconveniences, it’s better to hire a chauffeur throughout your trip instead.


You feel comfortable being handed to an expert driver to take you around and you will feel safe and secure.  Their knowledge of driving will make you comfortable and safe on the road.

Cost friendly

Less expense, this comes in as a result that you pay once and leave everything to the company or driver, in case of any mechanical problem, the driver is responsible. However, when you are on self-drive, in case of any problem on the road you suffer alone until the company gives you a rescue.


When you hire a driver for the duration of your stay, you won’t need to carry the burden of keeping up with the scheduled tours you booked. Most of the time, group tours or special tours have regular schedules to accommodate a certain number of visitors, so if you miss your appointment, you won’t be able to join the next scheduled tour.

Going around on a rented car is better than relying on public transportation with unwanted delays, which can mess up your itinerary. You can also be sure someone will pick you up and drop you off at the airport on time.

Someone can translate for you

Another common challenge you’ll face when you’re traveling is the language barrier. It can be challenging to go around a foreign city when you can’t speak the language or read the signs. You can get lost, which can spoil your vacation.

Having a chauffeur drive you around will mean you’ll have someone to assist you should you ever need to translate or understand something communicated to you in the local language. You can also learn some basic phrases you’ll use while going around the city on your own since you have a local to help you out. Some useful phrases like asking for the menu or a discount can help you a lot during your vacation.

No Driving Required

The best part of hiring a driver for your trip is the most obvious: you don’t have to do any driving. Your experienced driver will take the wheel so you can enjoy the ride.

You won’t Get Lost

Navigating your trip can be a stressful experience. From using a GPS to asking for directions, finding your way around can take valuable time away from your vacation.

When you hire a driver they’ll get you where you need to be without any hiccups. Plus, they’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to leave for your next destination.

Perfect for Large Groups

When it comes to traveling in large groups, there is no better option than chartering a motor coach or shuttle.

Rent one bus for the whole party and you’ll travel safely and in style. You won’t need to worry about designated drivers, and you can keep the whole group in one place.

Excellent Customer Service

You won’t get the same privacy, and friendly conversation with a taxi driver as you would with a hired driving service. No more dirty backseats with this luxury driving experience.

Not to mention, you won’t have to wait for your ride. Less than 40 percent of taxi customers were picked up within ten minutes. 


If you have any plans to go on a vacation any time soon, you may want to book a chauffeur to drive you around in East Africa. You’ll have fewer things to worry about and have a better experience during your trip. After all, you deserve to go on a vacation and take a break from the stress of your busy lifestyle.

Boracay Island

boracay island beach

Every herd of ocean fishes rushed around me since I fed them bread. You happen to be in the center of the countless bistros and taverns in the prestigious White beach. Once at Amanpoulo, a guest usually takes pleasure in most conveniences for $850 per person for seven days. I had a chance to take pleasure from the delicious and very cheap seafood at Boracay – among 1000 islands. A few Boracay resorts offer their unique occasions to welcome the windsurfers too, increasing the spice of the entire holiday.

It’s a real-lifetime experience that should not be missed. Of course, the best time to visit the beach is during summer within the country. You can get to experience the different activities offered through the many Boracay Resorts. This ride comes with a picnic lunch, which may make for any romantic afternoon. Rizal Condominium is basically dominated in terms of occupancy by foreigners.

With its pristine shores and amazing views, this is often a place frequently visited by tourists and there are many Boracay hotels where tourists can enjoy an ideal holiday. If you are trying to find that sweet escape, from the crowd, Malapascua is definitely the spot to be. Alternatively, you may want to look directly and schedule a trip with any diving facilities located inside the island. Will you be with your family, or will it just be you? As far as training, there exists only one word I may use, which is ‘hard’.

Or this man who makes all of these boats by himself looks just like a pirate. Boracay Island is blessed with incomparable beauty both on land and underwater. But to present you with a variety, this diverse list sums up the very best sailing destinations across the globe through these sub-categories: Caribbean, Far East, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, North America, and South Pacific. The resort has its very own beach bar and clifftop restaurant, and also its own spa. Many frequent Boracay on a yearly basis since the people are friendly then there is so much more to do than just lounge around by the beach, not too it’s a bad thing.

Since it’s a cluster of islands, enjoy some inter-island trips or island hopping. Boracay Philippines can be a tropical paradise island famous for its beautiful stretched beaches and azure ocean drinking water. from Boracay Island’s Station 1 down the White Beach. With the countless tropical paradise locations throughout the 7,107 islands that comprise the Philippine archipelago, it is not a surprise that lots of photos made for that campaign feature the beautiful beaches around the united states. Boracay – A premiere tourist spot 4 kilometers long and 100 meters wide of good pristine sand.

Best Trips for Seniors


The best way to fully experience the world is by traveling through it.  Being a senior and you still love to travel is the best feeling you will get. You know they are always sited and staying in one place in most case so traveling is the best relief for them.

Tours and trips for seniors bring you closer to amazing places via iconic and scenic road routes through the highlands and low lands of the pearl of Africa. Just because you are a senior, does not mean that your adventure days are over. Though yes there will be those ones that your body has given up on.

Here are some example tours and trips for seniors


A safari is a day’s drive through national parks, villages, roads and communities in search of local exciting wildlife, birds or local experiences you may like. Going on a safari tours and trips for seniors is the ideal way to experience an entirely new world of nature.

There are a lot fun game views and short drives that will entice the seniors and well as make them tried to get enough sleeping at night. A short drive through the park and then back to the lodge to sleep and relax at the swimming pools or just relax with a cold bottle of beer.

You can plan a wild game safari through Africa’s famous national parks. Most tour operators also combine game viewing with gorilla safaris in the impenetrable forests of Uganda, Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Road trips

Short road trips from a village to another or from a state to another. These nice road trips to view scenery’s and enjoy a fresh breath is actually very much refreshing and good for senior trips and tours.

It’s not tiresome and they get time off work and home may be for a day or even two day sleep overs on road trips is a good deal.

Culture and Food testing trips

When you are senior you have those things that used to be in your youth full ages that made you smile and lough. To us now in this error we think they are off.  Mostly these things are replicates in the cultural festivals and food.

Senior trips and tours to cultural museums and food festivals will spark the your them to recall a their memories and dance and enjoy the tune of their old days. You know someone once said that “food is the source of energy for the body but also fuel for the soul”. I guess when you eat well you fuel the soul.

Hiking & trekking

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to hang up your trekking poles. There are countless tours and trips that will take you anywhere and everywhere including famous places like Kilimanjaro and Cinque Terre, all at a pace that works for you. Find easier treks for those of you just starting off and more advanced options for adventurers with serious experience under their belts.

Local visits and museums

Arranging a one day tour in town and cities around you for local tours and trips is awesome. Getting in your own car and drive yourself to the local centers for art gallery or enjoying the museum is a best felling to get for a middle of the week trip.

Self Drive Tanzania with Rooftop Tent

Rooftop Tent in Tanzania

Tanzania is of no doubt one of East Africa’s most splendid destinations. It boasts of not only because of her endless savanna plains but also as a big five destination, a magical place to witness the Great wildebeest migration and to enjoy a lifetime honeymoon/beach holiday experience while on self-drive with rental car in Tanzania or driver guided safari. We offer the best self-drive rental cars with rooftop tents all suitable for visitors’ travel plans in Tanzania.

All our self-drive rentals with rooftop tents in Tanzania are affordable and you can choose from the famous Land cruiser rentals, vans, sedans to SUVs. A self-drive tour in Tanzania providers holidaymakers a great chance to discover the country’s spectacular tourist sites at their own pace. With ultimate freedom and flexibility on a road trip, hiring one of our comfortable 4×4 self-drive rental cars with rooftop tents in Tanzania should be a must-do. Here are some of our best self-drive rental cars in Tanzania;

Rooftop Tent Landcruiser

Rooftop Tent Landcruiser is one of the best self-drive cars in Tanzania. It offers the best of Tanzania road trip experience. You can rent 4×4 Landcruiser with rooftop tents, double doors with folded tents accommodating up to 2pax. This is available for hire at affordable rate.

Landcruiser VX with rooftop tents

Rent Landcruiser VX with rooftop tents and enjoy the best of Tanzania’s wilderness areas. This is suitable for family safaris in Tanzania. It comes with adventure camping gear/equipment to ensure you have an ultimate exploration. This is available for renting and accommodates about 4pax.

Landcruiser GX with rooftop tent

Enjoy the best of self-drive in Tanzania only in a comfortable GX Landcruiser with rooftop tent. This comes with a comfortable rooftop tent with a capacity of 2pax.

Toyota Landcruiser

Perfect not only for short-term trips but also for long-term projects, Toyota Landcruiser is one of kind self-drive rental cars to rent in Tanzania. We have the best Landcruiser LX rental car suitable for your Tanzania safaris.

Mini Van

A Mini Van rental on Tanzania safari rewards travelers with ultimate experience. This is available with a capacity range of 7 to 14 seater suitable for long-term car hire. Even if you are interested in airport transfer, Mini Van rental has you covered while on Tanzania tour.

Nissan Patrol rental with rooftop tent

We have the best 4×4 Nissan Patrol cars for hire with rooftop tents all suitable for camping safaris in Tanzania. Our Nissan Patrol rentals come in automatic transmission and tents accommodating about 2pax.

Best Places to See Gorillas & Chimpanzees

Kibale Chimpanzee

Uganda and Rwanda are the top destinations for mountain gorilla tracking and chimpanzee watching in Africa. Many tour operators and travel experts in Uganda or Rwanda offer tailor made tours in both countries.

There are a multitude of gorilla tracking tours but also design a mix of tour itinerary cutting across multiple interesting attractions in across both countries. Common safari trips take you to most visited parks including Bwindi forest, Queen Elizabeth, Mgahinga National park, Kibale forest, Volcanoes national park and Nyungwe forest national park .The above parks offer excellent primate safari viewing platform leaving every traveler satisfied and happy.

However, tourists to Volcanoes and Mgahinga get a chance to track the rare golden monkeys, spotted hyena, buffaloes, elephants and more not forgetting the different bird species. Today the wealth of tour adventures in both Uganda and Rwanda attract many tourists daily ready to discover the ultimate attractions of the region. All trips short or long create captivating memories that encourage more travel and demand for all tourist attractions and everything within the hospitality industry. As it’s known that tourists to Uganda and Rwanda come to trek chimps, gorillas and view wildlife. Though those interested in culture and history visit different cultural villages,projects and genocide sites that take a keen look into the country’s history.

Believe me or not Uganda and Rwanda safaris stay in memory forever and many travelers across the world have just started to know how amazing and great the two countries are. All tour packages are available year round and are customized to your specific needs. Also tour prices are very affordable and pocket friendly adjusted to individual budgets. Don’t hold your dream trip because you feel the money you have is too small for it at least there is something for everyone. Those on tight budgets can go in for short trips and still fulfill their travel dreams.

All you need to do is talking to your expert and clarifying your interest. The Backpacking option has always been the best for tight budget travelers and many tourists testify with inspiring return trip memories. Tour operators have first-hand knowledge and experience with all the destinations featured in different tour packages on their company websites. There are a many great tour operators in budget, midrange and luxury tour arrangements and turn every travel dream into memories.

All private, budget and group tours are organized depending on seasons and demand. Each holiday becomes complete when tourists confirm bookings and demand remains steep. Trip confirmations are made with a 50% total trip cost deposit and a confirmation of the tourist’s air ticket for scheduled particular dates of travel.

  • Sometimes tour agents request for passport details of travelers in order to verify the client’s true identity. It’s a common scenario to those on gorilla tracking tours either in Uganda or Rwanda.
  • Payment methods of trips are by credit card, master card, and debit card though some prefer using bank wire transfer system. However, even cash payments are allowed for travelers ready and able to visit their trip planner’s office.
  • Online website payment system has also made travel in East Africa easy because travelers just make payments any time from any corner of the world and later notify their trip planner.

But remember there are many scams online so first make good research about a particular trip planer before sending them money or any personal information. It’s time to plan ahead for next year’s great gorilla tracking tours in either Uganda or Rwanda.

10 Favorite Sightings On African Safari

African Night Safari

The African bush is full of surprises and one never knows when something interesting is about to happen.

Although ‘action’ is quite high on the list of safari tourists, there is a lot more to enjoy than the much sought-after kill.

I have created my own preference list with interesting occurrences during an African safari. And I have mentioned them in order of importance for myself.

I am curious if your list looks the same or that you have other ‘likes’ that I did not mention. Feel free to leave them in the comments box under the article.

A Hunt:

Very few things are more thrilling in the African bush than witnessing a hunt. Predator versus prey is a game that somehow still intrigues us. We watch in awe as we see the stealthy bodies of predators going through the grass and –at the same time- watch the prey being completely unaware about the present danger. Once the spell gets broken and all hell breaks loose can we feel the adrenaline rushing through our own veins and has the old evolutionary battle to survive started again. For me the outcome of the game is not important. The game itself is.

A Kill

Although many of us hope to see the whole sequence of a kill during their safari(s), many of us at the same time feel uncomfortable with the bloody spectacle that can follow after a successful hunt. We as humans emphasize with twitching bodies whose throats are being cut of and we hate to see the twitching of life-losing legs. There is little mercy in the African bush. Yet, for many to see a hunt, followed by a kill is the crown on their trip.

Eating or drinking animals

As long as animals are not resting or sleeping, there is something to see that can be interesting or just plain fun to watch. The fight for food is an ancient ritual that we all know too well and the interaction between different species for the same source of food is guaranteed to be spectacular.

Animals with off-spring

Watching a lonely lioness can be exciting, especially if she is the first lioness you see. But watching that same lioness with a number of cubs is a lot more interesting. Seeing wildlife with offspring most likely reminds us sub-consciously about the cycle of life and death. It is also the interaction of adult and offspring that stirs our feelings as parents.

Large groups of mammals

I remember watching an elephant herd of about 500 approach in Botswana during a game drive. I stopped my Landcruiser in their path and summoned everybody to be dead quite. About ten minutes later we had elephants coming out of our noses left, right and centre. We were completely surrounded by the herd and although an occasional trunk would be raised to smell us, there was never a moment of panic or fear amongst the elephants. It was a great experience. (Don’t do this if you are not confident!)

Colourful birds

Until I set foot in Africa did birds not really interest me. When I got forced to learn all the different kinds of birds for my guides-exam, did I start to appreciate the varieties and habits of our flying friends. Try to get interested in birds on safari, even if you are like me the first time. It will be rewarding.


Especially in areas where there is wildlife, we –in our urge to find all the above- forget to look at the bigger picture. Try to force yourself once in a while to forget about the wildlife and just concentrate fully on your surroundings. I am sure that there is a landscape to everybody’s liking. Tip: Watch the landscape closely, close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose. I bet you will never forget that moment.

Smaller wildlife

Big game (or the big5) are not always present, but very few landscapes are without life. Most habitats have their smaller inhabitants too and it is great fun to look out for them when their big brothers are not present.

A Gin&Tonic

One of the few things that always make my day is a nice drink at the end of a dusty, exhausting day in the African bush. It is time to wind down and the best moment to go over the day once more. Make sure you make use of your ‘ sundowner’ drinks before you head back to camp.

Exploring Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Mgahinga Gorilla National park is Uganda’s smallest park with only 33 square kilometers, this forest sits high amidst a number of volcanoes. The park is part of the huge Virunga conservation area, a straddle that borders Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo (DRC) with a total of eight (8) volcanoes of which two (2) are still active volcanoes, these are found in Virunga National park DRC side, its Volcanoes national park on Rwandan side and finally Mgahinga Gorilla National Park as already talked about on Uganda side.

The idea of Virunga conservation area was raised by international community to conserve and protect one of the rarest animal species, the mountain Gorillas and their habitat as they were first sighted in this area in the world over. The area is very unique with more unique and endangered wildlife species that cannot be found elsewhere in the world. These include the Golden monkeys and several bird species that are mostly endemic to Albertine rift. Other animal species found in this park include, bush Duikers, Forest Buffaloes, African rock Hilux, forest Elephants, Leopards, among many bird species.

We have compiled for you a range of possible rare encounters that won’t leave your life the same! All these adventure encounters or activities are possibly and surprisingly explored in one single destination area so that you don’t have to do long drives to participate in another activity.

Gorilla trekking exploration

Exploring Mgahinga gorilla national park leads you to an encounter of a lifetime, gorilla trekking exploration. A gorilla tour is regarded by many as Africa’s adventure highlight, it involves walking early through a thick rainforest looking for the few of the remaining rarest and critically endangered species until you meet them in their natural habitat. Chances of meeting these gentle giants in their natural habitat are about 90% since they are tracked from where they were last seen a day before.

The walk can be odious as it may take between 30m to 5 hours looking for the gorillas but once you find them all the hassles and fatigue went through will all be immediately forgotten as you marvel at the size giant Silverback, a dominant male. looking into eye to eye with the gorilla makes you realize how close are these creatures to humans as figure out common characteristics like the way how the mothers breast feed, take care of the naughty infants, how the silverback will keep an eye on you to make sure you don’t encroach on the family peace. Watch them for one hour as they carry on their daily activities, as they foliage on fresh bamboo shoot outs and other vegetables. Take as many photos as possible and video clips. While with the gorillas please adhere to the instructions of the head ranger guide for the dos and don’ts of gorilla trekking exploration.

Golden monkey tracking

Like the famous saying Mgahinga gorilla national park is where “Silver meets Gold”. This means, this is among the few places in the world where you have chances of meeting the silverback gorilla and the golden monkey in the same forest. Golden monkeys are interesting monkeys to look at, very beautiful with their gold coated color, very naughty as they always from tree to tree taking a keen look at you in different angles making difficult for visitors to take photos and video clips. Golden monkeys are other world’s endangered species hence at the verge of extinction due to continued loss of their habitat. There are a number of habituated golden monkey troops in the forest making it easier for visitors or explorers to find them in their natural habitat.

Volcano hike exploration

Exploring Mgahinga gorilla national park can reward you with excellent volcano hiking, the park has three extinct volcano mountains and that is mount Muhabura, Mount Gahinga and mountain Sabinyo. A day hike to each of the peaks makes you climb over 3,500 meters high. A hike to the summit of Mountain Sabinyo rewards you with splendid views of three countries in one position, the beautiful views of neighboring communities in DRC, Uganda and Rwanda.

Batwa Pygmy cultural emersions

The Batwa pygmy tribe, is a group of people who used inhabit in gorilla forest. This minority tribe lived all their entire life depending on the forest for food, shelter and medicine. They hunted animals for meat, wild fruits, used forest materials to make fire and used to enjoy their free time drumming singing and dancing within the forest.

However, things turned against this tribe when the respective governments resolved to chase them away from their home to join and live in the communities around. This was so inconveniencing in their daily living as many of them died because they could not cope with the lifestyle like farming for food as well as building new shelters, going to formal hospitals which is still too hard for the few still surviving hence on a verge of extinction.

Today, the park authorities started Batwa Cultural experience within the park where batwa people take visitors through the forest reflecting on how they lived life in the forest, demonstrating hunting skills, fire making skills, revealing tree medicines by traditional herbalists, and a visit to one of their communities you will enjoy their traditional dance, drumming and songs. Money paid for this activity goes to support batwa pygmy communities building them schools, health centers, however if you buy some of their art and crafts money goes direct into their pockets that help to buy home basics like soap, salt and clothing among many.

Sun Set Canoe ride

In exploring Mgahinga gorilla national park, fix time to go for a nearby sunset canoe ride along lake Mutanda. This great lake has still waters and bilharzia free, the lake has many islands for you to explore including the punishment island where girls from the communities around who got pregnant before marriage were dumped by their families to death because they have become a disgrace to the society. The lake also provides beautiful views of the volcano cones as well as terraced rolling hills at the neighborhood.

What to pack for this park exploration

Like adventurers, exploring Mgahinga gorilla national park is for adventure minded people and the fact that you will be spending much of your time in the high altitude rain forest, you need to do thorough long packing list. this will include; A dull color rain jacket, warm clothing, Jungle boot or hiking shoes, simple light cloves, long sleeved shirts, pair of trousers, long stockings, a hut, backpack bag, enough drinking water, walking stick optional, book a gorilla trekking permit in advance, mosquito replant, sun screen among many.

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