Group Tours – Why Adventure East Africa in a Group?

East Africa Safari

Group travel is one of the best ways to adventure East Africa. If you are a budget minded traveler, planning a group adventure can be the best option to see more for less. Whether you are looking to gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda or looking for a big five safari, traveling in a group will bring your trip costs lower!

Traveling as a group has a number of befits as the following below tries to explain

Discounted rates: The more big the group is, the lesser amount charged, so this is a great advantage of traveling as a group transport, accommodation, and food cost will all be shared by everyone hence ending up economizing the costs and the saved money can be used to do something else. Most hotels, guest houses and airline companies offer group rates and special discounts for the lowest price possible. Even in national parks and other tourist attraction, they offer a discount on big groups, and tour companies too offer a price quote based on the number of people traveling. So don’t miss chance of traveling as a group

Socializing: Group tour is the best way to connect with your friends and family, it offers the best time to relate and interact with your friends who have lost for a long period of time. Not only that but you can even connect more to new friend whom you share similar interests and experiences. Remember when on a safari you can share a of lot stories during the camp fire which sometimes brings you memories of the past. We hire group vehicles which can take from 8-26 people including ranging from a van, supper custom, and land cruiser to a coaster which can carry up to 26 people

Comforts Preparation of the trip: Traveling as a group eases decision making as numerous ideas will be brought in and suggestions from participating members. As a group you can sit down and discuss on the number of issue that can make your safari a memorable one like issue of transportation, accommodation, tour company to use among others, which is sometimes very herd if you’re travelling alone or two members which would be a lot more stressing.

Safer & Convenient: Also traveling as a group gives you security especially if you are travelling in a foreign country. Even if you get a problems on the way like break down you can rely on other members to find a solution or collective effort to solve the issue at hand.

Those among other can give you the best while on safari tour, just book with us we will arrange for you a well-organized safari referring to you interest.