Safaris, an increasingly popular option


The popularity of safaris grows at a vertiginous rhythm. Businessmen, executives and tourists in general ask for more and more information on this topic.

Safaris can be organized in different places of Africa and it is very important that you know well the advantages and disadvantages of every area, as well as its attractions and other information that could turn out to be interesting to you.

The countries we recommend to you to do a safari are KenyaMozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

If you enjoy hunting and doing safaris, Africa is the perfect place to spend your vacations (although in Latin America there is also an increasing interest to develop this kind of tourism, so stay close, maybe you could do a safari in Brazil). But now we will visit Africa, there it is advisable to take into account the following things:

  • Make sure that the service you hire has professionals and specialists, persons you could trust in and who speak a language you understand. Some agencies have Masai guides; they know very well their environment, although it would be suitable to organize the safari with prepared persons who apart from knowing the language could be useful in case of any emergency. You should remember that many of the areas you will visit can be remote and in case of any emergency you will need someone prepared for first-aid.
  • The safaris’ options in Africa are sold by many agencies and offers are diverse, hence selecting the correct place according to the relation quality / price is very important, off course, with characteristics that fit to your preferences. In case you have enough money you can hire a trip or a “personalized option”.
  • There are also some options that include adventures and risky destinations. We advise you to evaluate the risks in advance, since many of these destinations are placed in remote areas. It is also advisable to listen to the experts since it could be better to start discovering this fascinating world of safaris through less risky experiences.
  • Probably, hunting will not be the main attraction element in a trip to Africa, although those who have had the privilege of listening to the sounds of an African night consider that it is an unique experience. So now you know, beyond hunting there is an attraction world in the wild heart of Africa.
  • Of course, it is very important to definitely follow and respect the existing norms, even in safaris, parks or national reserves in which only photos are allowed. You must pay attention to your guide or specialist, remember that you will be in direct contact with nature and with wild animals, that’s why discipline is very important in a safari.