Malawi Safaris

Malawi is a unique destination to enjoy of the beauty of the African continent. A safari in this country is a unique experience and it happens to be an unforgettable trip. This place is very special because of scenic diversity, granting numerous natural landscapes like the Lake Malawi, which is the third largest in the continent. This great mass of water makes it possible to have a unique environment in its surroundings. Malawi has also got the beauty of the Great Rift Valley in its territory.

This country is located in the central zone of the southern Africa, normally this region is also know as the warm heart of Africa because of the special charm this country has got. In this spot we will enjoy of a tailor made safari, with all the requirements we can expect in such a touristic place, like the most part of the African continent, where we can enjoy all the services available. So, our trip to Malawi will be surely one experience as good as any other well know touristic spot.

By calling a tour agency we will be able to arrange every single detail so that our only worry will be preparing our bag for the adventure. There are many offers for this destination, from the trip suitable for the nature lovers to the one more adequate for those who like adventures.

From Malawi we can visit some other places that are not far like Zambia, where we find the Luangwa North and South National Parks, Tanzania, that shares part of the Lake Malawi and has got plenty of reserves and natural parks and Mozambique, where the Lake Cabora Bassa is located just next to the borderline.

Inside Malawi we have got a wide selection of places to visit like Kasungu National Park, in the Zambian border, located mid-west in the country, or the Vwaza Marsh Natural Reserve, in the same border but located north than the former. Close to this reserve we also find Nacional Nyika Natural Park.