Photo Safari in Namibia 2018


Namibia is home for the wildlife in its purest sense inside the African continent, this is one of the most affected nations due to the unfavorable weather conditions in the southern region of Africa. It happens that this country is located in the middle of the harshest deserts of the continent, namely the Namib and the Kalahari, with a desolated landscape in most occasions and with one of the roughest weathers of all the world. From the Kaokoland hills to theĀ Skeleton Coast, even to a zone rich in diamonds, like Sperrgebeit, this country has got an enormous natural richness to capture with our cameras and enjoy during our safari.

There are plenty of possibilities for a safari inside this country and to take advantage of this diversity requires a good preparation beforehand to detail our trip properly. We can visit Erindi and Sossusvlei inside the Namib-Naukluft National Park, where photographers will find many landscapes to capture with their cameras.

This is such a popular spot that we will have no problem in finding a group for this expedition, signing up for a safari in group has it advantages, like using exclusive doors in the parks or taking part of night excursions and walks so that we will be able to take unique photos. In addition, Namibia is one of the first countries worldwide that takes care of the environment when building. We have the chance of observing the animals from the buildings designed for this objective without disturbing them.

As part of our photo safari we will see the largest predators in action, like the leopards, as well as the most amazing mammals of all, the elefantes, giraffes, and many endemic bird species. The camping sites from where we will realize observations are meant to maximize the number of sightings during the day and night.

The groups for this safaris are not large, with a maximum of six persons, so that the conditions for photographing are the best. The best months to visit the country are April and May because the recent abundant raining has just stopped by that time and the savannah is covered with green grass and also it happens that the temperature are lowering just before the winter arriving. The large majority of the animal species meet around the water wells where the new-born are victims to the predator.

As a member of a six person group for this safari we have the opportunity of totally enjoying a first person experience for the animal observation and the landscape viewing. This way we can easily elaborate our own photo album of this unforgettable trip.