Close Encounters with elephants in Botswana


Joanne (from Jenman Safaris) and her husband recently went on Botswana Wildlife Breakaway safari…

They had a great experience with the elephants in Botswana.  They posted the below picture of Joanne and their guide, Blessed, on our Facebook fan page. As you can see they were very close to some elephants which we thought was quite special and very unusual.

Or so we thought… Maybe this is the norm in Botswana? We were all amazed that they could get so close without the elephants getting cross…Botswana Elephants. Well, we were amazed until….Katja (our Marketing Manager) and her fiancé posted a picture of themselves in Botswana with elephants in the background, also very close to the elephants and the elephants didn’t seem cross either.

Another amazing picture? Or is this maybe the norm in Botswana? Hmmm…