Planning a Gorilla trekking Safari in Africa


A safari in Africa is a unique experience that will take us deep inside the African continent. Granting wildlife viewing, local food, air-conditioned accommodation, and guides that will help us enjoy every single moment in this adventure, such a trip is a one life experience. One of the most astonishing safaris available in very few places is the gorilla trekking safari, a trip that will let us observe this special animals from really close.

We can choose the itinerary the way we want, there are different options available in this amazing continent. Gorillas are a rare species; remaining just a few more than 700 individuals that live freely nowadays. Their habitat is the bambu forest in a reserve that belongs to Rwanda, Uganda and Congo.

From Kigali or Kampala cities, located in Uganda, it is possible to start our trip. The accommodation is in lodges at any place that belongs to the common region of Uganda and Rwanda for any number of members that take part in the safari.

The conservation are that is home for this animals is the Parc de volcanoes , also know as Volcanoes National Park, the spot meant for gorilla tacking the same way that Nyungwe Forest is meant for chimpanzee tracking.

During our trip to trip to this reserve we can also take some time to visit Akagera for wildlife viewing and game driving tours. Also, Lake Kivu for sight seeing is not far from this spot and there are other destinations we can visit as a part of our safari.

It is frequent that the safaris that are planned for gorilla viewing start at Kigali International Airport, where the safari guide awaits for us and we get the transfer to Gisenyi to prepare ourselves for the following day, when the safari begins.

During this trip we will have the chance of enjoying the landscape while we go on trekking and hiking routes that are rich in beautiful sights. We will walk along routes in the bamboo forest from early in the morning and we will be able to see the gorillas in their habitat. Before lunch we will have seen the daily routine of these animals, how they play together and get by with each other. We can visit Ruhengeri, Lake Bulera and Ruhondo on the afternoon.

Finally, unless we have more spots in our itinerary we go to Kigali city and go sightseeing before getting to the airport.