Guide to Planning a Perfect South Africa Safari


This article is great- everything & anything you need to know about South Africa! We have included a few sections for you to read. Thanks BBC and the Lonely Planet!

Take to the road in one of South Africa’s most diverse regions and discover fabulous food, fine wines, wild wide-open spaces & big game.

Tsitsikamma National Park: Best for walking

Churning river currents meet turquoiseblue seas in a frothy mix at the mouth of Storms River, in Tsitsikamma National Park. Stop midway along one of the two suspension bridges crossing the river and the park’s diversity presents itself in every direction: millennia-old sandstone and quartz rock formations line the gorge and rocky shoreline, and the fins of massive southern right whales are visible out in the ocean. Walking paths hug the coastal cliffs as they pass through dense thickets of witch-hazel shrub, stinkwood, yellow-wood and milkwood trees, some hundreds of years old.

Addo Elephant National Park: Best for safari

The jeep comes to a halt and all heads swivel, searching for life in the low bushes, tall grass and distant hills. Nearby dense, bright-green spekboom plants – referred to as ‘elephant’s food’ – begin to rattle, shaking loose some of their succulent leaves. A prehistoric-looking dung beetle, its shiny black shell like armour plating, creeps past the front of the vehicle. Before it can complete its journey, three African elephants burst from the undergrowth, dwarfing the tiny creature and stealing the limelight. Our guide, Jonathan Grootboom, points to their great flapping ears – the shape of the African continent itself.