2 day safari in the Ngorongoro crater


Lake Manyara and Ngorongoro crater are among the most wanted and visited spots in the African continent, both of them receive a lot of tourists every year. There are excursions that are meant to visit these two places and let us know much better the features of both.

For this purpose a 2 day safari is more than enough, being arranged attached to te safaris that visit Mt. Kilimanjaro and other African regions.

Day 1 Starting from Lake Manyara we set off for a long journey and within we will have a nice picnic outdoors. We can observe a large amount of animals in te surroundings, among them there are elephants, apes, antelopes, hippos, zebras, lions and leopards, the latter harder to be seen in general. There are numerous species of birds that live in this lake, such as the storks, pelicans, goose, cormorants, herons, migratory flamingos, the latter arrive to the lake seasonally. During the afternoon we move on to the Ngorongoro region. The accommodation takes place in lodge and the dinner is outdoors.

Day 2 During the morning we visit the inner part of the Ngorongoro crater, taking hours to see this natural habitat. Many animals live in this zone and we can observe them as we go on a tour in the zone. The Massai warriors and their cattle come to this zone frequently, they feed in this grass among the many species that live in this crater. This warriors take care of the population of lions and leopards that also live in the zone; finally in the afternoon we come to Arusha city. These days in Africa will be unique as we visit the oasis of life we have got in Lake Manyara and the great geological formation that is the Ngorongoro crater. The best time during the year to visit this spots are between June and October as well as between December and March. These safaris are available within all the year but some months like April, May and November. We can enjoy the beauty of Africa during most part of the year, an unforgettable and astonishing experience.