South Africa Safaris

As it’s name suggests, is at Africa’s southernmost tip. The northern part of the country is bordered by Zimbabwe along the Limpopo River, and neighbouring Namibia, Mosambique and Botswana. The East, West and South are all coastline.

South Africa has the topography of an upturned saucer: a plateau in the centre, grading down to its watery boundaries.

Like all safari destinations, South Africa is again resplendent in its diversity, from the lushness of the Garden Route to the abundance of wildlife in the Kruger National Park, the largest national park in Southern Africa, to the Drakensberg Mountains, one of the few places in Africa you can find snow.

If you want to take a tour to Southern Africa, South Africa is a desirable destination to start with. Though obviously, you can fly into any Southern African country, but virtually all the flights will usually route through South Africa. The country is not just a jump off point, but also a superb holiday-worthy destination itself. The country is well known for its rich culture, as well as a memorable history. Indeed, South Africa holiday is an enjoyable one.

Climatic Condition

Knowing what the weather in South Africa looks like will help you plan your trip accordingly. In the northwest, the climate is typically desert and semi-desert, while the Eastern coastline is characterized by sub-tropical climate. Most part of the country experience the rainy season in the summer with an exception of the Western Cape that experiences rain in the winter. The temperature for winter in South Africa rotates round zero. It is usually quite hot in summer as the temperature exceeds 350Celcius.

National Parks

Definitely, one of the major goals for embarking on South Africa holiday is to explore the sightseeing spots and places of attraction in South Africa. And of course, South Africa is nothing but a paradise of wildlife. You will find wide range of species of animals (some likely to be dangerous) in South African parks, private reserves, farms and even on the roads.

South African Natural Parks you wouldn’t want to miss include the following:

  • The Kruger National Park
  • The Kgalagadi Transfontier Park
  • and other smaller parks

Other Attraction Sites

Other attraction sites in South Africa worth exploring include the following:

  • The Cradle of Humankind situated close to Johannesburg – a must-see site
  • The Cape Floral Region
  • Robben Island

Planning Your Trip

South Africa holiday package is all inclusive. The best place to book is online and you are sure to get the best deal by embarking on comparison shopping.