Mikumi National Park

Mikumi is located only 5 hours away from the busy city of Dar Es Salaam, and offers an amazing change of scenery from what you see in Dar and its surrounding areas – as well as making it the perfect park for anyone looking to do a short safari travelling from the unofficial capital.

The park is split into two halves, and has a combined area of around 3230 km². The divide of the park is a highway, and when driving down this road, you may even be able to even spot some wildlife before even entering the parks boundaries!

The types of animals you can expect to see whilst in Mikumi can vary greatly, from lions (which are said to be of the tree climbing variety), zebra, elephants (which are smaller than those found in most other Tanzanian parks) and lots of giraffes. There are also over 400 species of birds resident to the park, including hamerkop, saddle-billed stork and white-backed vulture. Overall, Mikumi is a great park for spotting wildlife, and should not be underestimated.

The scenery when in the park is simply beautiful! There is the outline of mountains surrounding, which appear in different shades of blue – marking their distance in colourful layers. And there is no shortage of shrubbery! – With high densities of bushes and trees all around which make the perfect nesting spots for the Mikumi’s birdlife, or shade for animals which like to rest away from the suns powerful rays such as lions. Aside from that, the park is pretty flat all over, and has short grass – so wildlife is easily spottable and can be seen from a distance.

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