6 Essential Items to Pack for Gorilla Trek

Packing List

After securing a gorilla permit and booking your packaged gorilla safari including accommodation and transport your next thought should be about what to pack for a successful gorilla trek. Remember gorilla trekking takes place in Bwindi Forest National Park and Mgahinga gorilla national park in Uganda and volcanoes national park in Rwanda.

Particularly for gorilla trekking, there are must haves you cannot miss on your packing list otherwise your whole experience might be ruined by inconveniences. Below is a list of the essential items you should have.

  1. Long sleeved shirts and long pants

If you must enjoy your gorilla trekking experience, don’t forget to pack long-sleeved sweater shirt. This is to avoid stinking shrubs and ferns. Endeavor to tuck in too to avoid stinging nestles form reaching up to your skin. Long pants and shirts/blouses save your skin from getting scratches as you just walk through thick and bent trees.

2. Hiking boots and a pair of stocking.

Gorilla trekking involves hiking in the thick forested areas of Bwindi Forest, Volcanoes National Park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. Hiking involves trekking for long a midst steep slopes, muddy slides, crossing waterfalls and this is only possible when you have good sturdy hiking boots. The boots must not be heavy but light and if possible, water proof and comfortable to enable you hike with ease because gorilla trekking is not limited to time, it can take 3 hours to a whole day depending on how far the gorillas could have moved. Light stockings help to protect you from blisters for long hours wearing boots.

3. Rain coat/jacket

Gorilla parks are having unpredicted weather pattern, therefore to be on a safe side pack a light rain gear, and sweater for warmth when it tends to get cold. The weather pattern varies from dry in the month of June, July, August, September, and December, January and February which is considered high season with less rainfall whereas the wet season covers March, April, May, October and November. During the rainy season it may rain since morning and gorilla tracking starts at 8am, with your rain gear you will not find any hinderances.

4. Camera, batteries and a pair of Binoculars

Your gorilla trekking experience is not enough when you have not captured any memories at hand.  Charge your camera and extra batteries to avoid shut down while taking nice pictures. Binoculars help you to capture and see further beauty that yours eyes can’t see such as birds. Please note to adjust your camera settings to silent and avoid flash photography while taking pictures.

5. Gardening gloves

It’s the most ignored item on the packing list but it’s very essential, while trekking most times you will find yourself holding on to trees and ferns sometimes on the ground for support to crawl where it gets steeply and slippery and for this you are prone to hurt your hands and also helps you not to get dirty.

 6. Water bottle and snacks

Much as the accommodation may give you packed lunch as you head out for gorilla tracking, you may also need to pack for yourself light snacks to munch on while trekking for energy giving. Don’t forget a water bottle to help you pack for yourself energy giving drink. Remember the higher you go as you trek the energy you lose. Keep energized for a remarkable experience with the gorillas.

Despite listing the six must essentials, you will also need your personal face mask and sanitizers, insect repellent, other items of personal use such tooth paste and brushes, medical kit, emergency pain killers if you may need any and so many others. Don’t forget to pack your travel documents such as pass port and a covid-19 testing certificate