How to Get a Good Deal On Uganda Car Hire

Uganda Car Rental Deals

Renting are car to drive your self is one of the best way to explore the goodies of Uganda. The pearl of Africa is one of the best locations/destinations to pay a visit before to end of your life. The country is found on continent Africa in the East. With over ten national parks and many more things, Uganda is worthy a visit. Although many people hire care for their self drives, the end up spending much than what they would have paid on there rental car. Below are some of the tips to bare in mind for cheap, budget or good deals on car hire.

Shop the Internet

Look at multiple independent travel sites (three popular ones are Uganda self drive, Car Rental Uganda and 4×4 Uganda Car Hire) and then review three car rental Web pages. Because of special arrangements, you’ll often find that one of the travel or car company sites will have a better deal. Note these companies will provide you with different prices so you will opt to book with the one with the low prices.

Ask about discounts

Most of the Uganda car rental or any other company, do give discounts to their customers. So it would this would be the best option for hires who want to hire cars at low prices as you bargain with the hirer. This on the offer give to those who book for a week and more days.

Time your reservation

Everything’s a trade off. By reserving early, you lock in your car and your rate. But if you rent your car before you book your airline or hotel, you might miss out on a reciprocal deal. So do a little research and ask a few questions before you book.

If you want to book during peak periods, such as long holiday weekends, reserve six weeks ahead or you’ll be blocked out ending up for last time booking which tend to be hire than the pre bookings since you will have no second option. At other times of the year, the lead time varies with the company, but a couple of weeks is fine.

Consider how long you need the car

Although you need the car for only two days, you might get a better price if you rent it for longer. Don’t be afraid to look at a weekly rate, It’s sometimes cheaper compared to a four- or five-day rental.

Look beyond the big guys

Be willing to investigate lesser-known agencies. There are many secondary brands that deliver a quality car at a competitive rate that are not necessarily household names. These are always on the second and third page of google search. And if you like the staff or cars at one agency and the prices at another, ask your preferred agent to match a competitor’s price. The worst that can happen is a “no” and you lose nothing.

Compare non-airport rates.

In general, prices have gotten more expensive at airports, you must asked for an airport pick up from you preferred car rental company which is free for most of the companies.

Shop the counters

If you show up in the country without a rental reservation don’t be afraid to go counter to counter comparing deals. “You’ll be amazed as the difference can be up to 50 percent at the same location.

Think about where and when you want to return the car

If you want to leave your car in a place other than where you rented it, you need to include drop-off charges in your shopping. It some cases a higher daily rate that offers lower drop-off fees might be cheaper.

Book ahead if you have a special request

Need a child safety seat, camping gears, GPS, or a ski rack? Reserve it at the same time you reserve your car. Ask about extra charges and get it in writing.

Ask about mileage

Except for a few, most companies in Uganda give an offer of Unlimited mileage. Though the price for someone who will be in Kampala will be lower than that of Gulu.

Consider gas and insurance

These two items can add to the cost of your rental car. Unless you know you’re going to be scrambling when you drop off the car, offer to fill the tank yourself. Otherwise, it’s usually a pretty pricey fill-up at the rental office’s pump and you can’t take any left over with you.

As for insurance, talk to your own agent first. “Be sure you know what your own auto coverage are regarding renting a vehicle. Most customers don’t know or understand the rental coverage offered at the counter or how their own insurance will treat a rental car. Cars being provided to you in Uganda have comprehensive insurance but this insurance covers only the car so you are advice to have a travel insurance. Are you planning to hire a car on budget, or relatively cheaper price, just click here.