Going on Self Drive in East Africa


Many travelers to East Africa have embraced the idea of hiring a car in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania. This is more so to travelers who want to explore the country for themselves whether travelling as group or as an individual.

Many car rental companies exist in the country offering best services with different car fleet ranging from  safari cars including Toyota Land cruiser TZ/TX, V8, Toyota Rav4, GX, land cruiser extended, safari van and supper customs just to mention but  a few, however, the best car hiring company one must trust is Self-drive East Africa.

Self-drive is good to travelers who have ever visited the country and well versed with this East African roads, and have a good idea to many tourist spots/attractions and places. Although self-drive is very good to some, but it has many challenges especially to first time travelers to east Africa.

So the best option for any travelers who wish to travel to East Africa and prefer hiring a car is to get a driver especially to those who don’t know Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi routes and therefore require a driver guide to help them visit the various destinations in East Africa.

Here at Self-drive East Africa we provide both the car and a professional driver to drive you to all places of your choice and interest.

Advantages of hiring a car with a driver

You are in safe hands if you use a local driver/guide, they are well knowledgeable about the country, and they know each and every corner of the country. They are fluent in English speaking and writing so you feel comfortable with a driver when you hire him on your tour to East Africa.

Besides deciding where to go for your vacation, there are also several things you need to prepare when planning for your trip. You need to book your flight and accommodations before the date of your vacation and also figure out how you’ll go to various tourist sites.

Hiring a chauffeur for your trip may not be your first option since you think it won’t matter if you ride a private car or use public transportation. However, having a driver for the duration of your trip has a lot of advantages. Here are some tips;


Knowledgeable about all tourist spots in the entire East Africa, this is of advantage in that you will be driven to the exact spot you need to reach too without getting lost.  Many tourists fail to reach to their area of interest since they are not well conversant with some of the places especially tourist on self-drive, however this can be avoided if you get a driver and lead you.

The advantage of hiring a chauffeur is you’ll be around someone who knows the ins and outs of the city. You can ask for local shops or restaurants you can visit that aren’t too crowded and have better products and services. Your driver can also bring you to better tourist destinations.


Safe driving, you are driven by expert people, you can just sit at the back and leave everything with the driver. And you dodge the hustles and difficulties of driving on strange road. You’re also likely to get lost navigating through unfamiliar roads and waste your time finding your way instead of enjoying the sceneries you intended to visit. If you want to avoid all those inconveniences, it’s better to hire a chauffeur throughout your trip instead.


You feel comfortable being handed to an expert driver to take you around and you will feel safe and secure.  Their knowledge of driving will make you comfortable and safe on the road.

Cost friendly

Less expense, this comes in as a result that you pay once and leave everything to the company or driver, in case of any mechanical problem, the driver is responsible. However, when you are on self-drive, in case of any problem on the road you suffer alone until the company gives you a rescue.


When you hire a driver for the duration of your stay, you won’t need to carry the burden of keeping up with the scheduled tours you booked. Most of the time, group tours or special tours have regular schedules to accommodate a certain number of visitors, so if you miss your appointment, you won’t be able to join the next scheduled tour.

Going around on a rented car is better than relying on public transportation with unwanted delays, which can mess up your itinerary. You can also be sure someone will pick you up and drop you off at the airport on time.

Someone can translate for you

Another common challenge you’ll face when you’re traveling is the language barrier. It can be challenging to go around a foreign city when you can’t speak the language or read the signs. You can get lost, which can spoil your vacation.

Having a chauffeur drive you around will mean you’ll have someone to assist you should you ever need to translate or understand something communicated to you in the local language. You can also learn some basic phrases you’ll use while going around the city on your own since you have a local to help you out. Some useful phrases like asking for the menu or a discount can help you a lot during your vacation.

No Driving Required

The best part of hiring a driver for your trip is the most obvious: you don’t have to do any driving. Your experienced driver will take the wheel so you can enjoy the ride.

You won’t Get Lost

Navigating your trip can be a stressful experience. From using a GPS to asking for directions, finding your way around can take valuable time away from your vacation.

When you hire a driver they’ll get you where you need to be without any hiccups. Plus, they’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to leave for your next destination.

Perfect for Large Groups

When it comes to traveling in large groups, there is no better option than chartering a motor coach or shuttle.

Rent one bus for the whole party and you’ll travel safely and in style. You won’t need to worry about designated drivers, and you can keep the whole group in one place.

Excellent Customer Service

You won’t get the same privacy, and friendly conversation with a taxi driver as you would with a hired driving service. No more dirty backseats with this luxury driving experience.

Not to mention, you won’t have to wait for your ride. Less than 40 percent of taxi customers were picked up within ten minutes. 


If you have any plans to go on a vacation any time soon, you may want to book a chauffeur to drive you around in East Africa. You’ll have fewer things to worry about and have a better experience during your trip. After all, you deserve to go on a vacation and take a break from the stress of your busy lifestyle.