Is It Safe to Self Drive in Uganda?


Is it possible to enjoy a self drive in Uganda? Is it safe to drive throughout Uganda? These are few of the frequently asked questions concerning self driving and safety on a Uganda road trip! Many people especially those from outside Uganda who wish to come to Uganda for a self-drive safari always ask this question.

Uganda is known as one of the safest countries not only in the east but also in all of Africa with no insecurity scandals, even when in national parks, security to the tourists is given the first priority to ensure clients’ well-being and safety while on safari. Right upon your arrival at the airport security is guaranteed and your luggage arrives without being picked through as it is common in many other African airports and you are checked well. From here you will meet the company driver who will greet you and later on will handle over the car to you to begin your safari to your particular destination if you booked a self- drive. Security men and traffic police are most of the time on the road to ensure that there is safety on the road and also to ensure that road driving rules are well followed, so don’t get scared to see traffic police at any point on the road.

Not like in Rwanda where driving is on the left hand side, in Uganda one must keep right while on the road, you should avoid over speeding, drinking while driving, be focused in order to reach your destination and come back when safe. Most of the roads within and outside Kampala are well tarmacked, except those deep in the village and most of Uganda’s tourist attractions are located deep in the village where the roads are murram. Here you are advised to book good and comfortable cars which can handle tough roads, hire 4×4 cars like land cruisers, supper customs/van or Rav 4. You can easily get a car rental in Uganda from various car hire agencies. Even when you are worried of driving yourself, you can hire a car with a driver to guide you through your trip. These drivers are well experienced and they know the current situation in each and every part of the country, so you can just sit at the back and the driver will do everything, they are very knowledgeable about which road to use, so hiring a driver on your safari also adds on your safety and the challenge of driving in a country which you are not well conversant with.

The people of Uganda are friendly towards visitors to their country and love to meet people from other parts of the world and they make sure that you live securely and enjoy your stay. You will always be greeted in a graceful manner ‘’you are most welcome’’ to the pearl of Africa (Uganda).

During recent years the lord resistance army lead by Joseph Kony interrupted peace especially in the northern part of the country, so many tourists feared to drive to the northern part of the country, however all came to pass, the government of Uganda fought them out of the country, and the place is now in total peace.

All the stakeholders are responsible for your safety and well-being during your stay in the country on your self-drive safari including car hire company, driver, the government, tourism industry, traffic/tourism police, the lodge/hotel where you will have your overnights, the community near your destination the parks or any other place you may visit will all work together to ensure safety of their visitors while on a self -drive safari to Uganda. Most of the car hire companies provide rescues in case of any out breakdown on the road, they have machinists in most of big towns to ensure customer satisfaction, and if the problem is big they can exchange the hired car with another car. You shouldn’t get scared because your well being is on everyone’s mind and security is practiced in the most diligent manner. Book with any type of the car we are always at your disposal to ensure that come and go back when safe.