Advice for Setting Up a Photo Safari


Nowadays it is quite common that the main purpose of the safaris is taking the best photos of the animals living their daily routine in their natural habitat from very close, given that today professional cameras are available in many stores.

Animal lovers find the African continent the best spot for this objective, in the jungle and the natural parks we can take such amazing photos that we will be able to remembering out one life time trip to this continent any time we want.

In their very beginning the safaris were no more than excursions to the African savannah in order to hunt some animal species, but as time went on they have become into excursions meant to observe and catch the animals in high quality photographies, as well as videos. We can move along large paths within the jungle, follow the old mining routes from the Gold Fever time, come down wide and fast rivers, walk in the reserves and parks and an endless list of diverse activities we can manage to do in this incredible continent.

Vehicles such the jeeps are the most common for going out in an observation excursion so that we can watch the animals from different points of view. Also, we can ride local animals as a more exotic mean of transport, setting off in a camel caravan. In general, the schedule for this excursion is very wide because it is attractive to observe the animals at the different moments of the day, being each one a unique experience.

Preparing our safari

The best photo and video camera we can handle for this trip will be necessary. Nowadays the large majority of them are digital so that we need to have a sufficient number of memory cards. We should take into account that many pictures will be shot in order to get some good material. The reason is as simple as noting that the animals hardly ever will be quiet whenever we spot them.

Charges and batteries should be in good condition and we ought to make sure that we will be able to recharge daily; we will use this gadgets for hours each day. In any case, it is a good idea to have at least one spare battery for our camera, even for the mobile phone, if it is able to take pictures. In addition, we should carry binoculars to observe the animals that are located faraway.

Some measures to remember

Before departing we should get informed about the required vaccinations and about the location of the health centres. Also, we should carry a minimal first aid kit for any emergency that may occur or make sure if our guide has got one. Arranging this details will let us enjoy of our trip completely.

A very important fact is that we should wear comfortable clothes always, and have warming cloth, for the lower temperatures during night, handy. Our shoes must let us walk in any terrain and we should carry at least one suit prepared for any weather. During summer the excursions are not recommended because of the high temperatures.

In rainy time there are excursions as well because the routine of the animals is largely different from the one they follow in dry days. Tips are another important fact, if we are reasonably generous we will obtain good information and a better treatment.